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Department of Tomography
Russian Cardiology Research Center

The first clinical MRI laboratory in our country was founded in april 1983 in Russian Cardiology Research Center, Moscow. The first MRI unit was 0,24 T "Tomikon BMT 100 (Bruker). In 1990 the MRI laboratory was reorganized into tomography department due to installation of computer tomography unit. Tomography department consists of laboratory of MRI, laboratory of CT and clinical department of radiology. Now the Tomography department has two MRI units and two multislice CT scanners. From 1983 till 1990 the head of the department was professor Y. N. Belenkov and from 1990 till present time professor S.K. Ternovoy.

The first scientific researches and publications in our country dealing with applications of the tomography methods almost in all fields of clinical medicine were carried out in the tomography department. 40 candidate and 4 doctor dissertations were wrote in our department by the specialists from Russia and foreign countries. Yu. N. Belenkov and S.K. Ternovoy were elected as full members of Russian Academy of Medical Science. Scope of scientific research of the department seizes almost the whole spectrum of modern medicine - cardiology, endocrinology, uronephrology, neurology, surgery, vessel surgery, traumatology, obstetrics and genecology, hepatology, pediatrics and many others.

The tomography department possesses a good experience in tomography diagnostics of brain and spinal cord disturbances, heart and vessel, thorax, abdomen, pelvis, bones and joints diseases and injuries. Since 1992 we are working over scientific programs devoted to MR spectroscopy, MR angiography and use of contrast media.

Tomography department participates in different international research programs including the programs of NASA and European Space Agency and cooperates with Russian universities. Dozens of CT and MRI specialists from Russia and foreign countries were trained in the department.

The great scientific and practical experience is reflected in many publications, including 10 monographies, 3 textbooks, 2 teaching CD-ROMs, 2 video films and more than 400 scientific publications. Every year our collaborators participate in most Russian and foreign congresses and forums by radiology and other medical specialties.

Our equipment

  • MRI unit "Magnetom Avanto", 1.5 T (Siemens, Germany)
  • MRI unit "Achieva", 3.0 T (Philips, Netherlands)
  • Multislice CT unit "Aquilion 64" (Toshiba, Japan)
  • Multislice CT unit "Sensation 4" (Siemens, Germany)

All units are connected in the computer network with central archive (PACS). Dedicated workstations are used for analyzing and reconstruction of images.




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